Morning News Roundup

Posted: June 11, 2012 in News Roundup
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Around the Nations

Romney video targets Obama’s ‘doing fine’ comment: 

House committee schedules contempt vote against Holder: 

Obama donors get deal; depositors get ‘stiffed again’:

Rep. King: Obama using leaks to build image, trying to be like ‘John Wayne’: read more–>>

While Seeking Support, Obama Faces a Frustrated Hispanic Electorate: ream more–>>

Obama’s Problem With White, Non-College Educated Voters is Getting Worse: read more–>>

Can more government “heal the economy”?:

As November election nears, splits in Democratic coalition resurface: read more–>>

The Local Beat

Budget culprit is California tax code, ratings agency says: read more–>>

Stunning vote gap in Contra Costa supervisor race traced to multiple factors: read more–>>

Dan Walters: California budget process has reverted to secrecy: read more–>>

Dan Morain: The heat is on Jerry Brown and the Democrats: read more–>>


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