Republicans Urge Transparency Before Budget Committee Votes

Posted: June 13, 2012 in CA Politics
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Statement by the State Senate Republican Caucus:

Despite repeated assurances that the current budget process would be public and transparent, the people of California have not been provided the adequate time to view budget related bills.  Until the budget and related measures are put into print for public review, Senate Republicans will not participate in any votes on these bills.  

“We have made repeated requests for an honest and open budgetary process and for the budget measures to be in print for 48-hours, to allow public review.  We can’t in good conscience vote for bills we have not seen,” said State Senator Bill Emmerson (R-Riverside).  “We have specifically asked for assurances that the bills would be in print for at least 48-hours, not only has that request been denied, the bills will not even be in print 24-hours prior to tomorrow’s budget committee vote.”

Republicans recognize the complexity of the task in developing the language relative to this year’s state budget.  However, since work on the 2012-13 State Budget began, Republicans have asked that all members of this body – and more importantly the people of California – be granted adequate time to review the proposed budget before it is brought to the Senate Floor.

“The people of California deserve to see the majority budget plan before it is enacted,” said Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff (R-Diamond Bar). “Budgets thrown together in the middle of the night are one of the main reasons why California is facing deficits today.”

Senate Republican Letter To Senate Pro Tempore & Budget Chair: (pdf)


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