Democrats Deny Vote on Governor’s Pension Reform

Posted: June 21, 2012 in CA Politics
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Statement from the Senate Republican Caucus:

Senate Democrats today denied Republican lawmakers’ efforts today to debate and vote on Governor Jerry Brown’s 12-point pension reform plan.  The legislation was taken word-for-word from the governor’s own pension reform proposal, as he made public last February.

Despite the merits of the governor’s proposal as an excellent start to reining in our state’s unsustainable public pension systems, Democrats have refused to schedule any hearings on this legislation, either in the Senate Public Employment and Retirement Committee, or in the Conference Committee on Public Employee Pensions.

“What we’re asking is for the legislative Democrats to give the public a chance to vote on the pension proposal that was written by the Governor, a member of their own party,” said Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff.  “But the window of opportunity is closing quickly.”

The opportunity to provide the public an opportunity to vote on pension reform is rapidly closing.  Just two weeks ago, voters in San Diego and San Jose overwhelmingly approved substantial pension reform ballot measures, and the public’s interest in meaningful pension reform is keen.  Per the California Secretary of State’s website and Section 9040 of the Elections Code, June 28 is the last day the legislature could adopt a constitutional amendment in time for it to appear on the November 6, 2012 ballot.  The Democrats claim to be serious about solving Californian’s pension crisis, yet they continue to deny the people of California an opportunity to vote on this important issue.

“We’ve just witnessed my Democrat colleagues pass their half-baked budget based on closed door talks that shut out the public,” adds Huff.  “Now they seem intent on denying the public a vote on pensions. Closed door deals and back room negotiations are hardly the recipe for meaningful reform.”


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