Elizabeth Emken is Bullish in Email to Supporters

Posted: June 26, 2012 in CA Politics
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In an email to supporters today, Elizabeth Emken highlights poll numbers indicating that she is within striking distance of Dianne Feinstein. Here’s the text of the email below:


My primary victory earlier this month should make Dianne Feinstein very nervous. Polls show that Feinstein is the most vulnerable she’s been in her entire 42-year political career. And numbers don’t lie.

Republican Candidate—39%

As the Republican nominee, I’m in striking distance and this number will only go up from here. Over the next four months, I will travel throughout our state to meet voters, hear about the issues they care about, and share my vision for a stronger, more prosperous California and America. But I need to know that you stand with me.

Isn’t it time for the first female Republican U.S. Senator from California? Your immediate contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more before our June 30 Federal Election Commission (FEC) fundraising deadline will help us close the 10-point gap. So can I count on you to follow this link to make a generous contribution right away?

Although the 2012 election cycle is young, career politicians across the country have already been given the pink slip by voters. Indiana Senator Dick Lugar was defeated in his own party’s primary! With just a 41% approval rating, Feinstein will have a difficult time justifying adding another 6 years to her political career.

Your support today will make it even more difficult. That’s why I’m asking you to follow this link to make the most generous contribution you can afford to my campaign today.

I’m a fighter and a problem solver, and I’m ready to give Feinstein the fight of her life. I hope you’re ready, because we’re about to force career politicians like Feinstein to throw out their playbooks and justify their offices.

Thank you in advance for your support.


Elizabeth Emken

P.S. The numbers don’t lie, and Feinstein is underwater (41 approve/44 disapprove) for the first time in her political career. Your support today will help me close the 10-point gap. Can I count on your immediate contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more before the June 30 FEC deadline? Thanks—E

As we get closer to the November election, these polls should tighten even more, especially if the economy remains stagnant and unemployment continues to be high.

  1. Are you saying she isn’t within striking distance?

  2. dancingczars says:

    Trust that she is and Feinstein is going down J.C.

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