An email from Becky Kolberg, Chairman, Contra Costa Republican Party to supporters:

Dear Contra Costa Republicans,

The Founders of this great nation must be turning in their graves at the blow to our freedom that rested in the hands of just one individual. By upholding President Obama’s healthcare legislation, the Supreme Court has given the green light to a Federal Government takeover of our entire healthcare system. The future of liberty hangs by a thread, making November’s election more critical than ever.

Please support our cause by donating today.

Right now, the president’s healthcare law is preventing our economy from growing by making it harder for businesses to hire. In addition, the Supreme Court declared that the individual mandate, a central component of Obamacare, is a massive tax increase on the middle class. Our country’s struggling economy cannot turn around until ObamaCare is repealed and replaced.

Let’s also not forget that Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax initiative could be approved this November as well. Californians can’t afford this. Now, more than ever, we must resolve to double down and retake our destiny. Please help us fight these reckless and irresponsible policies by supporting the Contra Costa Republican Party’s efforts to elect conservatives at the local, state and national level.

We need your help more than ever. Please show your support by donating to our team and joining our team today.

Together we can make a difference,

Becky Kolberg, Chairman

Contra Costa Republican Party

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