From: Rick Wiley, RNC Political Director

To: Interested Parties

Re: The Politics of ObamaCare

The Supreme Court’s decision does not change the facts about ObamaCare: it’s a bad law that America neither wants nor can afford. And now the only way for voters to end it and pursue true reform is to vote Republican in November. This hurts President Obama’s reelection prospects, making his path to 270 electoral votes increasingly difficult.

Republicans are in agreement with the American people on this issue. Especially in battleground states, voters are more likely to oppose ObamaCare than to support it.

The outlook nationally is bad for Democrats:

  • More than half (52 percent) of Americans in the June 20-24 ABC News/Washington Post poll have an “unfavorable impression” of ObamaCare.
  • Just 22 percent in the June 20-24 NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll said they would be “disappointed” if ObamaCare were ruled unconstitutional.
  • Only one third of Americans support the law, according to a mid-June Associated Press/GfK poll.
  • Independent voters in a June 19-23 Reuters/Ipsos poll opposed ObamaCare by 73 percent to 27 percent.
  • Only 24 percent of Americans wanted the Supreme Court to uphold the entire law, according to a May 31-June 3 CBS/New York Times poll.
  • A June Fox News poll found 52 percent believe the Obama administration has “mostly failed” at “improving healthcare.”
  • Only 23 percent of Americans expect their families to be better off under ObamaCare, according to a poll last month from the Kaiser Family Foundation.
  • A mid-May NBC News/Wall St. Journal poll found 64 percent of Americans say President Obama has either made things “worse” or “not made much difference” with regard to healthcare.

ObamaCare is the president’s signature legislative “achievement.” But you don’t hear him talking about it on the stump. The Obama campaign knows it’s a losing issue, and the polls show it.

And according to the polls, the news is worse for President Obama in the swing states:

  • Wisconsin: Only 33 percent of voters wanted ObamaCare fully upheld by the Supreme Court. (Marquette University, 6/13-6/16/12)
  • New Hampshire: 46 percent disapprove of ObamaCare, while 36 percent approve. Only 26 percent of Independents approve. (WMUR Granite State Poll, 4/9-4/20/12)
  • Pennsylvania: 46 percent think Congress should repeal ObamaCare; only 42 want it to stand. (Quinnipiac University, 4/25-5/1/12)
  • North Carolina, where Democrats will hold their convention: Only 36 percent thought the Supreme Court should rule ObamaCare constitutional. (Public Policy Polling, 4/4-4/7/12)
  • Florida: 53 percent think Congress should repeal ObamaCare. (Quinnipiac University, 4/25-5/1/12)
  • Iowa: 58 percent disapprove of President Obama’s handling of healthcare. Only 36 percent approve. (Des Moines Register: Iowa Poll, 2/12-2/15/12)
  • Nevada: Only 34 percent thought the Supreme Court should rule ObamaCare constitutional. (Public Policy Polling, 6/7-6/10/12)
  • Ohio: 52 percent of voters think Congress should repeal ObamaCare. (Quinnipiac University, 4/25-5/1/12)

Notably, Ohio, a must-win state for Obama, rejected ObamaCare at the polls last November when voters approved an anti-ObamaCare amendment to the state constitution. Not only did it win, it won in all 88 counties.

ObamaCare represents a toxic political asset for Obama: It is a two-fold broken promise. First, he failed to keep his promise to reduce healthcare costs. (Health insurance premiums continue to increase.) Second, with his pursuit of ObamaCare, he failed to keep his promise to focus completely on the economy and create jobs.

Few things are worse for a sitting president than blatant broken promises.

In the first year of his presidency, when President Obama should have focused on economic growth and policies to create jobs, he instead chose to pursue a government takeover of healthcare that only made our problems worse. He wasted valuable time, and now Americans are paying for it. The more we make that case, the more unpopular we expect ObamaCare to become.

ObamaCare was bad policy for America from the very beginning. This November, it will be bad politics for Democrats. Voters want real reform, and only Republicans are prepared to pursue it.


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