U.S. Manufacturing Plummets Under Democrats’ Economy

Posted: July 3, 2012 in Economy
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From the National Republican Congressional Committee:
U.S. Manufacturing Plummets in the Obama-Kissell Economy
Weak Manufacturing Sector Another Indicator of Struggling Economic Recovery
WASHINGTON — Reports of US manufacturing shrinking to its lowest level since the end of the Great Recession confirm that economic recovery has been rocked by the mismanagement of the big-government, regulatory regime of Larry Kissell’s party. North Carolina workers have struggled to stay afloat as the sluggish job market not only fails to pick up momentum but has actually regressed under Larry Kissell and President Obama’s watch.

North Carolina has lost 42,600 manufacturing jobs since President Obama became President. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, Accessed 7/3/2012)

“The manufacturing sector is one of the backbones of the American economy, and Larry Kissell’s party is suffocating it in red tape and government overreach,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay. “North Carolina families cannot rally behind someone like Larry Kissell this November who has consistently defended policies that have threatened so many of their livelihoods.”

US manufacturing fell sharply as the Democrat party continues to double down on their failed priorities:

“U.S. manufacturing shrank in June for the first time in nearly three years, adding to signs that economic growth is weakening.”“’This is not good,’ said Dan Greenhaus, ‘…it is still a terribly weak number.’”(Christopher S. Rugaber, “US Manufacturing Shrinks for First Time in 3 Years, Associated Press, 7/2/2012)

The gravity of the manufacturing sector’s dire state has had some economists downgrading growth predictions for the year:

“’Our forecast that the U.S. will grow by around 2 percent this year is now looking a bit optimistic,’ said Paul Dales, an economist at Capital Economics.” (Christopher S. Rugaber, “US Manufacturing Shrinks for First Time in 3 Years, Associated Press, 7/2/2012)

All the while, President Obama has said the private sector is ‘doing fine’:

“President Barack Obama offered up a gift to Republicans Friday morning, declaring ‘the private sector is doing fine,’ at a White House press conference.” (Zeke Miller, “Obama: ‘The Private Sector is Doing Fine,” BuzzFeed, 6/8/2012)

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