Emken for U.S. Senate Campaign Response to Field Poll on CA Senate Race

Posted: July 7, 2012 in Barack Obama
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From Elizabeth Emken:

(ORANGE COUNTY, CA) – Ron Nehring, senior strategist for the Elizabeth Emken for U.S. Senate campaign, issued the following response to the Field Poll released today on the U.S. Senate race that shows longtime incumbent Senator Dianne Feinstein at only 51% among likely voters:

“These numbers are extremely encouraging, especially because they show Elizabeth Emken with a tremendous upside while Dianne Feinstein is barely treading water. With all the advantages of being a member of the entrenched, liberal establishment in California and a longtime Washington insider, Feinstein can barely break 50% in a state where her party has a 14% registration advantage.

“During her long tenure Dianne Feinstein has helped rack up trillions of dollars in debt, supported a failed economic strategy that’s hurting Californians, made zero progress in fixing our broken immigration system, and still can’t get water to farmers and workers who need it. Other than that, she’s been great.

“We know we’re fighting an uphill battle against an entrenched incumbent, but our state and our nation are worth fighting for and we’re determined to run the kind of campaign that Americans are famous for winning—a smaller, yet committed group of insurgents, determined to change the status quo and help return American families to prosperity.”


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