From the California State Senate Republican Caucus:

With the Cowboy Libertarian on KFBK

Senator Doug LaMalfa (R-Richvale) discussed how with the appropriation of over $8 billion in largely borrowed money, California will construct a non-high speed track in the middle of the Central Valley that can’t even be used for decades.

“The choice is to spend billions that California the state doesn’t have… this just the beginning.  We can’t afford to start high-speed rail today and we won’t be able afford to finish it in the future.  Our state teeters near bankruptcy, yet this proposal spends even more than the Governor’s tax hike would bring in.

“California’s spending reflects the legislature’s priorities. Unfortunately, this vote prioritizes a train California can’t afford over our children’s education, health care and public safety. Every dollar we spend on debt service for this bond is a dollar we don’t have in the budget for real priorities.”

Patrick Dorinson, the Cowboy Libertarian, discussed how the legislative Democrats continue to spend money they don’t have according to the Scarlett O’Hara Theory of Government based on the main character Margaret Mitchell’s 1938 classic “Gone with the Wind.”  Its main tenet was expressed neatly by Scarlett when she said, “I’ll think about that tomorrow because tomorrow is another day!”

The only problem with legislating this way is that Californians get stuck with the bill.

Listen to the radio interview:


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