Ricky Gill Email: Aw, Shucks! McNerney Continues Hypocrisy on Agriculture

Posted: July 12, 2012 in California Politics
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I subscribe to email lists of a lot of different political organizations and candidates on both sides of the political spectrum. The emails to supporters are usually pretty straight forward and boring.  There are the usual scare tactics and hysterical pleas for donations.  But every once in a while, one comes along and breaks the mold.  This one from Ricky Gill, candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in California, is just one of those rare exceptions.

Here it is copied below.  See what you think:

Aw, Shucks! McNerney Continues Hypocrisy on Agriculture

Jerry McNerney claims that he’s “working hard to help family farms thrive.”  Indeed, the Contra Costa Times reports that McNerney will act as an “official witness” for a record-setting cornhusking attempt at this weekend’s CornFest in Brentwood.

While McNerney separates ears and husks, let’s separate rhetoric and reality.

In fact, McNerney has voted against free trade agreements that will eliminate foreign tariffs on corn, the very crop he’ll pretend to promote this weekend. In 2010, Contra Costa growers had a strong year, producing $4.5 million worth of corn partly “due to a strong export market,” according to the county Agriculture Department.

But McNerney has voted against expanding that export market.

That’s right: McNerney voted against agreements that will eliminate Peru’s, Colombia’s, and Panama’s tariffs on US corn over the next decade. American growers currently export $70 million of corn to Panama and $98 million to Colombia, and those exports stand to increase — generating revenue and creating jobs here in California — as foreign tariffs fall.

In a similar vein, McNerney had the audacity to present an “export achievement certificate” to a Brentwood winery that ships wine to Asia, even though he voted against a free trade agreement with South Korea — the only Asian free trade bill he’s seen in Congress — that eliminated tariffs on California wine. (Like the other agreements McNerney opposed, the Korean free trade agreement also will significantly benefit local growers, ranchers, and port workers.)

While McNerney once campaigned against government policies that diminished farmers’ earnings, he now seems committed to diminishing their earnings himself.

Colin Hunter

Communications Director

Ricky Gill for Congress


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