Where Obama failed on forging peace in the Middle East: read more–>>

Mitt Romney rips Obama camp’s ‘dishonesty’:

Democrats threaten to go over ‘fiscal cliff’ if GOP fails to raise taxes: read more–>>

Romney tries to regain momentum with new focus on Obama’s ‘political payoffs’: read more–>>

Tax cuts, DISCLOSE, sequester, oversight and the Veepstakes: 5 things to watch this week in Congress: read more–>>

(VIDEO) Obama – ‘If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen’: read more–>>

Local Beat

Taxes, death penalty and food labeling lead crowded California ballot: read more–>>

California tobacco-tax backers request recount in Los Angeles County: read more–>>

California appeals court to review ballot change that put Jerry Brown’s measure on top: read more–>>


The alternative fuels fad will cost Californians millions:

Forget the apologies and take the mitts off, Mitt: read more–>>

Facts don’t support Obama’s charges against Romney:


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