Romney goes on offense over jobs remark after weathering attacks on taxes, Bain: read more–>>

Obama, Romney campaigns positively negative at an earlier stage: read more–>>

Obama plan to lift top tax rates would plague millions of small businesses, study warns: read more–>>

Obama transparency takes turn under the microscope after attacks on Romney: read more–>>

Mitt Romney accuses Obama of ‘denigrating success and achievement’: read more–>>

Pawlenty defends Romney on taxes, calls for focus on economy: read more–>>

Local Beat

Assemblywoman Gaines calls for fiscal probe of California parks agency: read more–>>

Editorial: Parks officials evaded rules, insulted public:

NEW: Studies predict AB 32 will crash Calif. economy: read more–>>

Dan Walters: Proposition 40 on redistricting sets up tricky situation in California Senate: read more–>>

Schools decay as they await state emergency repair funds for years: read more–>>


You’re wrong, President Obama, Claudia Kovach and her parents built their business: read more–>>

Obama’s Offshore Team:

The End of Welfare Reform As We Know It: read more–>>

The DNC’s wilted rose:


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