Mitt Romney Campaign:

Latest Video: These Hands

The Context Is Clear: Government Didn’t Build Our Businesses

“President Obama could not have been more clear when he told small business owners that they shouldn’t take credit for building their businesses. Now editorial boards around the country have weighed in, and they couldn’t be more clear, either – President Obama’s comments ‘demeaned’ and insulted hard-working Americans.”


Another Dismal Day In The Obama Economy

“President Obama is willing to say and do anything to distract voters from his failed economic record. But with more and more evidence pointing to another economic slowdown, President Obama can’t simply tell Americans that the economy is ‘doing fine.’ On Day One, Mitt Romney will implement pro-growth policies that will jumpstart our economy and get middle-class Americans back to work.”


The Obama Economy Hits Another Wall

“Millions of middle-class Americans are struggling in the Obama economy and there’s no relief in sight. After three and a half years, the results of President Obama’s policies are clear: businesses aren’t hiring, poverty is climbing, and manufacturing is weakening. Middle-class Americans need a new direction, and a new president who can get our economy back on track.”


Republican National Committee:

Latest Video: The Busiest President

Obama’s Bain Attacks Flop

Despite spending millions on attack ads contributing to a potential burn rate problem in Chicago, it appears the attacks aren’t even working. According to a USA Today poll, voters think Romney’s experience at Bain will help him make good economic decisions.


Highlights From RNC “We Did Build This” Press Conference Call

Melissa Ball, Ball Office Products of Richmond, VA:

“I am here today to tell you that I disagree with the comments made by President Obama in Roanoke on July 13th in every context. Along with my partner, Jonathan, and our wonderful employees over the years we built our office products from scratch. Twelve years ago we took a big risk. We decided to start this business, we dedicated ourselves to work extremely hard, putting in extremely long hours in order to build a better future for ourselves, our families, our employees, and their families. So, when President Obama said in Roanoke that ‘if you’ve got a business you didn’t build that, somebody else made that happen,’ I was personally extremely insulted.


National Republican Congressional Committee:

After Lavish Conferences and Lost Stimulus Money, Dems Still Want Tax Hikes for More Spending

A recent report revealed that the Obama GSA’s wasteful spending spree had a second act: another lavish conference and hundreds of thousands of dollars down the drain.


Economists Warn That the Already Weak Economy Will Go Into Recession From Democrats’ Proposed Tax Hikes and Devastating Defense Cuts

As bad as things are, economists say they could get a lot worse. If Democrats are successful in imposing new tax hikes on small businesses and devastating defense cuts, experts predict the economy will go into another recession.


Speaker of the House:

Focused on Jobs: House Will Vote to Curb Excessive Red Tape Hurting Small Businesses

This week, the House will vote on the Red Tape Reduction and Small Business Job Creation Act (H.R. 4078), a package of several common-sense jobs bills focused on eliminating excessive government regulations and red tape that make it harder for small businesses to hire and hurt economic growth.


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