Announcement from Elizabeth Emken:

Why won’t Dianne Feinstein debate me? Because her political career is in danger! She may be out of touch and disconnected, but this fact hasn’t been lost on her—and she’s prepared to do whatever it takes to hold on to her job, even if it means depriving California voters the chance to know where the candidates stand on the issues.

Feinstein’s poll numbers are the worst they’ve been—ever. She barely broke 50% in the primary despite Democrats holding a 14% voter registration advantage. More importantly, her numbers are dismal. Less than 40% of registered voters approve of Feinstein’s job performance. That’s why she is refusing to debate me.

If Feinstein and I don’t debate, it’s a lose-lose situation for Californians. That’s why I’m asking you to stand with me today and demand that Dianne Feinstein agree to a debate by adding your name to the petition. After signing the petition, I hope you’ll take a moment to make a generous contribution to my campaign to support my efforts to defeat Feinstein and restore jobs and prosperity to California.

Even the Los Angeles Times thinks Feinstein would be foolish to refuse to debate me:

“[Emken] earned the right to challenge the incumbent on the issues — and to be challenged in return. It would be a disservice to the voters — and perhaps self-defeating — for Feinstein to remain aloof from any give and take with her opponent.”

“Nothing screams ‘entrenched incumbent’ more than a refusal to debate an opponent.”–Los Angeles Times editorial, 7/17/12

Feinstein is hoping November 6 comes and goes without too many Californians paying attention. Her reasons for not wanting to debate are obvious—she knows she can’t run on her record of increasing taxes, adding to the deficit and stifling economic growth with government red tape!

I refuse to let Feinstein get away with hiding her atrocious record from voters. This is the most important election of our generation and voters deserve the chance to make an educated decision to change—or not change—the course this nation is on.

So will you join thousands of other Californians by signing the petition calling on Feinstein to debate me? Please follow this link right away to add your name, and then make a generous contribution to my campaign.

Thank you in advance for your support.


Elizabeth Emken

P.S. California voters deserve to know the truth about Dianne Feinstein’s record and to see firsthand the stark differences between our principles and solutions for America. We need to debate. But Feinstein is refusing to debate me and I’m counting on your help to change her mind. Will you add your name to the petition today? After, please consider making a generous contribution to my campaign. Thanks—E

  1. Leslie Holt says:

    A candidate that is running for public office has a responsibility to the people he or she is representing, to be open to questions when called upon.

    • Alex Thorne says:

      Exactly right Leslie! Elizabeth Emken won the right to debate Feinstein and the voters deserve an open discussion on the issues.

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