From Elizabeth Emken for US Senate:

Shows Concern Over Growing Iranian Threat

ORANGE COUNTY, CA — Republican United States Senate candidate Elizabeth Emken today issued the following statement concerning the ongoing Iranian threat to Israel and America’s commitments in the region:

“The rise of the age of missiles has threatened the qualitative military edge of our ally Israel, and the Israeli government’s concern over Iran’s ongoing nuclear program is well justified. Iran continues to develop many of the elements and technologies for weapons of mass destruction and the systems needed to deliver them.

“Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad continues his ideological confrontation with America, Israel, and the West, and has sponsored proxies who have assaulted innocent civilians. Iran has crossed lines of motive, means, and methods to do great harm through offensive threat, use of proxies, and terrorism.

“Today, it is imperative that American leadership reflect the clear and long-standing commitment of the American people to our strong moral and strategic alliance with the people and state of Israel.

“Unfortunately, economic sanctions on Iran have been late and ineffective in deterring Tehran from continuing its nuclear proliferation. Joint U.S. – Israel missile defense projects are continuing, but the Israeli leadership must determine for themselves how and when it must act to ensure that never again will the Jewish people face mass extermination.

“The United States must clearly and forcefully declare its support for Israel to act in its self-defense, and indicate to Iran that the United States will maintain its posture of forward presence in the Gulf Region to defend American interests.”


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