Posted: September 5, 2012 in California Politics, Ricky Gill
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From Ricky Gill for Congress:

STOCKTON, CA, – Congressional candidate Ricky Gill’s campaign has unveiled a new website,, documenting the impact of Jerry McNerney’s wrongheaded policies on middle-class families in the Ninth District.

“Jerry McNerney’s failed policies are squeezing middle-class families,” said Gill. “They have led to higher unemployment, higher debt, higher gas prices and higher health care costs. To reverse this trend, we need new, local leadership that truly understands the economy in our Valley-Delta region.”

The website details McNerney’s votes against solutions that most other Valley legislators supported, including Valley Democrats like Dennis Cardoza:

  • Balanced Budget Amendment (Cardoza-Yes; McNerney-No)
  • Trade agreements benefiting local farmers  (President Obama-Yes; Cardoza-Yes; McNerney-No)
  • Regulatory relief for farmers (Cardoza-Yes; McNerney-No)
  • Regulatory relief for small business  (Cardoza-Yes; McNerney-No)
  • Line item veto (Cardoza-Yes; McNerney-No)

“Jerry McNerney has voted for policies that hurt the Ninth District — and against policies that would help middle-class families make ends meet,” said Gill. “McNerney has made a career of voting against common-sense economic and budget reforms that more moderate Democrats support.”

The website also reports McNerney’s plan — detailed in his 2011 book Clean Energy Nation — to push for “cap and trade” energy taxes if re-elected. (President Jimmy Carter’s energy advisor contributed to the book, in which McNerney cites Carter’s “very good” energy policies.)

“Jerry McNerney isn’t just squeezing middle class families with his out-of-step policies. He’s also pushing higher taxes on gas and electricity as part of his cap and trade scheme,” said Gill.

“McNerney calls his tax plan ‘patriotism,'” Gill continued. “But the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office concluded that McNerney’s plan would hit middle-class families the hardest. That’s not patriotism — that’s punishment our Valley families can’t afford.”

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