Statement from Becky Kolberg, Contra Costa Republican Party Chairman:

As events have unfolded in the Middle East over the last week, I have been both horrified and amazed.

I’ve seen a lot of anger and violence directed at America, but where is our outrage here at home? I’m talking about righteous anger at our President for a feckless, weak, and failed foreign policy. Where’s the anger at a bloated nanny government that doesn’t stand up for our bedrock principle of freedom of speech, but instead rounds up a citizen by force in the middle of the night for political reasons? Where is the reaction from the press; where are all the civil rights groups; where is the ACLU?

Finally, where do you stand? If you are disturbed by what you see unfolding before your eyes, stand with us as we work diligently to elect the Romney/Ryan ticket! We will be holding phone banks this week at our Victory Headquarters, 1301 Ygnacio Valley Road, Suite 203, Walnut Creek. Call Office Manage, John Kelley at (925) 930-9551 to schedule your visit to the office.

Register to be part of the “Nobama/Nevada” Team deploying to Nevada on Sept 28-29 and again in Oct. Contact for details.

Join us at the Headquarters on Saturday, Sept. 22, at 10 am for
Precinct Patriot Training. Call John Kelley (925) 930-9551, if you’d like to attend.

Join us and keep our country free!

Becky Kolberg, Chairman


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