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We had so much fun at the Convention Watching Parties, we figured we’d do it again!

Presidential/VP Debate House Parties 

October 3, 11, 16 and 22

Join us for Food, Fellowship and Fun!

5:30 – 8:00 pm



Here’s the overview, scroll down for the specifics:

  • Wednesday, at 6:30pm join former Congressman Bill Baker as he hosts an evening of Improv to support Al Phillips at the Village Theater in Danville featuring “Trapped in Rumor”. (more…)

An email from Becky Kolberg, Chairman, Contra Costa Republican Party to supporters:

Dear Contra Costa Republicans,

The Founders of this great nation must be turning in their graves at the blow to our freedom that rested in the hands of just one individual. By upholding President Obama’s healthcare legislation, the Supreme Court has given the green light to a Federal Government takeover of our entire healthcare system. The future of liberty hangs by a thread, making November’s election more critical than ever. (more…)

Voters sent a clear message Tuesday to their local leaders: get your financial houses in order. Don’t ask for more money until you start responsibly spending what we’ve already given you. We’re tired of losing public services as you siphon off our tax money to pay mounting costs of overly generous public-employee retirement benefits.