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From Republican Speaker of the House, John Boehner:

Yesterday, the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee heard from small business owners about the impact ObamaCare is having on their ability to grow and create jobs. The small business men and women at the hearing confirmed that the law’s employer mandates, regulations and rising costs create a disincentive to hiring and add to the economic uncertainty that is holding back hiring. Here are some of the highlights: (more…)

Re-electing Obama means higher taxes – permanently

It’s official: Obamacare is Obamatax. The Supreme Court saved Obamacare but at the expense of exposing it as simply a massive collection of taxes – 20 taxes at least. Obamacare was supposed to reduce the cost of health insurance but it has six taxes on Americans who already have health insurance. Your insurance will cost more to pay Mr. Obama’s tax hikes.

Obamacare was supposed to “bend the cost curve down” but it has a tax on medical devices. What medical devices? Braces for your kids. A stent for your heart. A wheelchair. All the cool stuff you see in hospitals will now cost more in order to pay Mr. Obama’s tax on medical devices.


An email from Becky Kolberg, Chairman, Contra Costa Republican Party to supporters:

Dear Contra Costa Republicans,

The Founders of this great nation must be turning in their graves at the blow to our freedom that rested in the hands of just one individual. By upholding President Obama’s healthcare legislation, the Supreme Court has given the green light to a Federal Government takeover of our entire healthcare system. The future of liberty hangs by a thread, making November’s election more critical than ever. (more…)


From: Rick Wiley, RNC Political Director

To: Interested Parties

Re: The Politics of ObamaCare

The Supreme Court’s decision does not change the facts about ObamaCare: it’s a bad law that America neither wants nor can afford. And now the only way for voters to end it and pursue true reform is to vote Republican in November. This hurts President Obama’s reelection prospects, making his path to 270 electoral votes increasingly difficult.

Republicans are in agreement with the American people on this issue. Especially in battleground states, voters are more likely to oppose ObamaCare than to support it. (more…)


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Elizabeth Emken sent the following message to supporters regarding the Supreme Court’s ruling on Obamacare which read in part:

The Supreme Court has upheld Obamacare, making it crystal clear that the only way to ensure that Americans repeal this dishonest attempt at health care reform is to take back the White House and the U.S. Senate this November.

This decision raises the stakes this November. Now more than ever before there is a simple choice: do Californians want more taxes upon the taxes they are already burdened with for a law that makes no sense at all?

Democrats like Dianne Feinstein lied about the cost of Obamacare, then stole from Medicare to justify the initial price tag. Now they are attempting to steal from core institutional programs at the Centers for Disease Control that support programs for the disabled to cover up the ballooning cost. That’s not just shady politics, it’s just plain wrong. And now the Supreme Court ruling has brought Obamacare’s hidden taxes to the light of day. We must stop Feinstein immediately.

Unfortunately, Obamacare will continue to have a negative impact on job creation and hiring, and businesses will be forced to continue to grapple with all of the uncertainty and costs the law creates. The simple truth is that businesses across the nation are not hiring as a result of this administration’s mismanagement of health care reform.

Only with new leadership in Washington can we expand access and lower costs through competition and choice while keeping in mind our responsibility to care for the truly vulnerable without raising taxes or increasing debt. I will vote to repeal the Obamacare tax dragging down our economy and hurting families. Dianne Feinstein won’t. It’s a simple choice.