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From the California State Senate Republican Caucus:

SACRAMENTO: Oct. 1, 2012 marks the one-year anniversary of Assembly Bill (AB) 109’s implementation, the Democrats’ early-release program for prison inmates. Dubbed as the “Criminal Justice Realignment” plan and billed as a “safe and secure” program to reduce our state prison population, AB 109 has proven to be anything but.

Up and down the state, the release of “non-violent, low-risk” inmates has been marked by dozens of reports that newly released inmates have carried out rapeattempted murderkidnappingrobberies, and stabbings. Inmates have also attacked police officers and stalked playgrounds. All of these offenses have been committed by inmates who were given early release under the auspices of “realignment.” (more…)

Statement by the State Senate Republican Caucus:

Despite repeated assurances that the current budget process would be public and transparent, the people of California have not been provided the adequate time to view budget related bills.  Until the budget and related measures are put into print for public review, Senate Republicans will not participate in any votes on these bills.   (more…)

Today, in the Senate Budget Committee, legislative Democrats voted down an alternative Republican plan that protects education program funding. The Republican plan would eliminate the harmful trigger cuts which unnecessarily target California’s teachers, students, and local education communities. (more…)