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(Originally posted at The Press-Enterprise)


Another California budget cycle has come and gone. As with each of the budgets from the past decade or so, questions abound. Is it really balanced? Are the revenue estimates real? Will there need to be revisions in the months ahead?

The short answers to those questions are that it is not really balanced because it relies on unlikely revenues and, yes, we will be revisiting the budget this fall. More important, this budget contains no meaningful reforms. Beyond that, this governor has no plan to bring jobs to this state. As a result, not only will we be in a bad place this fall — next year promises more of the same.



Statement from the State Senate Republican Caucus:

Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff (R-Diamond Bar) says the defeat of Proposition 29 portends nothing but trouble ahead for the budget plan finalized just yesterday by Governor Jerry Brown and the legislature’s Democrat leaders. The budget plan relies on the unreliable assumption that voters will pass the Governor’s sales and income tax increase plan in November.  (more…)

By Assembly Republican Leader Connie Conway and Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff

The clock is ticking in the California State Capitol with the constitutional budget deadline looming this Friday.  But don’t count on your voices being heard at the State Capitol.

It’s business as usual for the majority party as they again shut out Californians from their plans to spend your money.  Democrat leaders are meeting behind closed doors to cobble together a multi-billion dollar spending plan.  Like you, the rest of Californians haven’t seen the budget either.  In all likelihood, we will only see the final product hours or even minutes before we are asked to vote on it.

Democrats Push No, No, No Budget: No jobs, no pensions, no spending cap (more…)

Statement by the State Senate Republican Caucus:

Despite repeated assurances that the current budget process would be public and transparent, the people of California have not been provided the adequate time to view budget related bills.  Until the budget and related measures are put into print for public review, Senate Republicans will not participate in any votes on these bills.   (more…)