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From the California State Senate Republican Caucus:

Another California Business Leaves Our State – 700 Families Will Be Impacted

SACRAMENTO, CA – Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff (R-Diamond Bar) issued the following statement regarding the announcement that Campbell’s Soup will be moving its operations to North Carolina, Ohio, and Texas to reduce costs, putting 700 individuals on the unemployment line:

“No one should be surprised that Campbell’s Soup has decided to move their operations out of California. In the past few years, numerous other companies have done the same. Our communities need broad-based reforms, and Californians deserve more than promises and empty talk about helping our struggling families find work. (more…)


From Assemblywoman Connie Conway:

The recent scandal involving senior ranking parks officials using state funds for unauthorized vacation buyouts has brought new attention to compensation for state workers.  Recent budgets have included reductions for public employee compensation costs.  This week, California Budget Fact Check examines all employee cost drivers. (more…)

From Republican Speaker of the House, John Boehner:

Yesterday, the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee heard from small business owners about the impact ObamaCare is having on their ability to grow and create jobs. The small business men and women at the hearing confirmed that the law’s employer mandates, regulations and rising costs create a disincentive to hiring and add to the economic uncertainty that is holding back hiring. Here are some of the highlights: (more…)

From John Boehner, Speaker of the House:

Here’s one question President Obama should have to answer at his press conference this morning: how will raising taxes on small businesses create new jobs?

The unemployment rate has been higher than eight percent for 41 months – the longest streak since the Great Depression – and well above what was promised by the ‘stimulus’ spending binge. No wonder a new survey by The Hill found a majority of Americans believe President Obama has made things worse. (more…)

Legislation Threatens to Create Thousands of New Lawsuits

Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff (R-Diamond Bar) warns that new legislation passed by Democrats who control the Senate will cause irreparable harm to the California housing market and responsible homeowners. No Republican supported SB 900, which narrowly passed off the Senate Floor today. (more…)

From the National Republican Congressional Committee:

A Supreme Court Decision to Overturn ObamaCare Could Provide a Needed Jolt to Small Business Job Creators 

  • Small business job creators are especially hopeful that a Supreme Court decision that overturns ObamaCare will provide a jolt to their businesses.
  • The fact is that ObamaCare’s burdensome regulations on small businesses have hurt hiring and reduced small businesses’ ability to provide coverage for their employees.
  • That hasn’t stopped Democrats from repeatedly going to bat for their healthcare disaster, including for some of the worst provisions that directly harm small businesses and send jobs overseas.

Small business job creators are especially hopeful that a Supreme Court decision that overturns ObamaCare will provide a jolt to their businesses: (more…)

From the California Republican Party:

A new video released today by the California Republican Party shows that the Democrat leadership inside the State Capitol cares little about California’s unemployed. While internationally acclaimed self-help author and motivational speaker Tony Robbins believes in the need to help the unemployed and ensure they are being trained for the jobs of tomorrow, California State Assembly Speaker John Perez offers a distinctively contrasting viewpoint, offering no help to train and equip those who need jobs in the near future: “It is inefficient and, quite frankly, foolish, to invest in training for jobs that don’t exist.”

Watch the video here–>>