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Like Reagan, Romney can still win

This is the best of the mix of pre-debate articles and one every Republican needs to read.  Marc A. Thiessen at The Washington Post writes about how Ronald Reagan was trailing Jimmy Carter in the polls prior to the debates.  Reagan’s strong debate performance dramatically changed the course of the campaign.  Thiessen’s article makes a powerful case for why Romney could easily change the trajectory of the polls with a strong debate performance and win the election easily.

Here’s an excerpt:

The electorate may be similarly volatile today. A recent ABC News poll found that 22 percent of the electorate is “persuadable” — both anxious about how their preferred candidate would perform as president and interested in finding out more about the other candidate. Among independents, the number of persuadable voters is even higher — 26 percent. In other words, the election could swing dramatically in the closing weeks and even the final days — and it could swing in either direction. According to ABC, persuadable voters “include essentially equal number of Barack Obama’s and Mitt Romney’s supporters.” (more…)


By Alex Thorne

Yesterday, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Emken sent an email to her supporters calling out Dianne Feinstein for not publicly debating an opponent  in 12 years.  In the email, Emken suggests that the candidates take part in a “series of regional debates” focused on issues important to each area of the state that would be moderated by local reporters. Today, The Los Angeles Times also put pressure on Feinstein to debate Emken, making the case that Emken has earned the right to debate the Senator and that California’s voters deserve a public hearing on the issues.



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