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From Ricky Gill for Congress:

We all know that Jerry McNerney lied to voters about his residence.

Apparently unsatisfied, McNerney is now lying about Ricky’s.

In a fact-check article published today, the Stockton Record thoroughly examines the claims McNerney makes in his campaign advertising. McNerney is running TV ads — and the Democratic Party is sending mailers on his behalf — making absurd claims, including the unfounded allegation that Ricky still lives with his parents. (more…)

From Elizabeth Emken for U.S. Senate:

(ORANGE COUNTY, CA) – Elizabeth Emken, Republican challenger for U.S. Senate in California, today released the following statement regarding this morning’s employment report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

“The latest unemployment figures are simply unacceptable, especially when growing numbers of people have simply given up trying to get a job, business owners are hesitant to commit to expanding and hiring, and our economy has become so sluggish that even a whisper of an economic turnaround gets a standing ovation. (more…)

From the National Republican Congressional Committee:

Democrat Party Rallies Behind Mantra that ‘Government is the Only Thing We Belong To’

WASHINGTON — The Democrats’ convention began with a video doubling down on their party’s commitment to massive government spending sprees and job-destroying government regulations. After Jerry McNerney championed President Obama’s crippling big-government policies on the backs of taxpayers, California job creators know they aren’t better off under their agenda. (more…)

Republican National Committee

Dysfunctional National Committee

  • The DNC Is Plagued By Money Troubles And Obama’s Worst Surrogate

In July, The DNC Raised About $10 Million, While Spending $32 Million, Leaving It With Just $15.4 Million Cash On Hand. “Early reports showed the Democratic National Committee spent about $14 million in coordinated advertising with Obama. That’s as the DNC raised roughly $10 million in July while also spending $32 million, leaving the party with about $15.4 million in the bank by month’s end.” (Jack Gillum, “Obama, DNC Spending Exceeded Donations In July,” The Associated Press, 8/20/12) (more…)

Announcement from Elizabeth Emken:

Why won’t Dianne Feinstein debate me? Because her political career is in danger! She may be out of touch and disconnected, but this fact hasn’t been lost on her—and she’s prepared to do whatever it takes to hold on to her job, even if it means depriving California voters the chance to know where the candidates stand on the issues. (more…)

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Another California budget cycle has come and gone. As with each of the budgets from the past decade or so, questions abound. Is it really balanced? Are the revenue estimates real? Will there need to be revisions in the months ahead?

The short answers to those questions are that it is not really balanced because it relies on unlikely revenues and, yes, we will be revisiting the budget this fall. More important, this budget contains no meaningful reforms. Beyond that, this governor has no plan to bring jobs to this state. As a result, not only will we be in a bad place this fall — next year promises more of the same.



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