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From the L.A. Times:

As the parent of an autistic child, Elizabeth Emken is used to challenges. She discusses her latest, running against Sen. Dianne Feinstein, with Patt Morrison.

Like many parents of autistic children, Elizabeth Emken’s priorities changed when she heard her son’s diagnosis. But most parents do not wind up running for U.S. Senate. Emken’s 12.5% of the vote in the June primary makes her the GOP challenger to Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein. She’s a UCLA graduate in economics and political science who worked at IBM before launching into more than a decade of lobbying for autism legislation. She’ll be in Tampa — home of the Buccaneers football team — for next week’s GOP convention. And while a football coach, as her father once was, might assess her chances against Feinstein as “fourth and very long,” like so many other parents of autistic kids, Emken is used to those odds.



Announcement from Elizabeth Emken:

Why won’t Dianne Feinstein debate me? Because her political career is in danger! She may be out of touch and disconnected, but this fact hasn’t been lost on her—and she’s prepared to do whatever it takes to hold on to her job, even if it means depriving California voters the chance to know where the candidates stand on the issues. (more…)

By Alex Thorne

Yesterday, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Emken sent an email to her supporters calling out Dianne Feinstein for not publicly debating an opponent  in 12 years.  In the email, Emken suggests that the candidates take part in a “series of regional debates” focused on issues important to each area of the state that would be moderated by local reporters. Today, The Los Angeles Times also put pressure on Feinstein to debate Emken, making the case that Emken has earned the right to debate the Senator and that California’s voters deserve a public hearing on the issues.