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Sen. Graham: White House Leaks Were ‘Orchestrated’ for Political Gain: read more–>>

Romney slams Obama on eve of foreign trip:

Romney agrees with Feinstein remarks:

Romney camp asks Va. to probe voter forms:

Senate succeeds at something: Futility:


New Video: These Aren’t Gaffes


WASHINGTON – The Republican National Committee releases “These Aren’t Gaffes” to demonstrate President Obama’s lack of commitment and understanding of the poor economic conditions. Just last week, it was revealed that President Obama’s Jobs Council has not met in 6 months, yet he found enough time for 111 fundraisers and 10 golf outings. This is on top of his latest comment that job creators didn’t build their business– “somebody else made that happen.” The more these happen, the more obvious it becomes that these aren’t gaffes, this is what President Obama believes. (more…)

Press Release from Special Operations for America (SOFA):

Whitefish, Montana – State Senator and Former Commander at SEAL TEAM SIX; Ryan Zinke,
has announced the formation of Special Operations for America (SOFA). SOFA will advocate for
the election of Mitt Romney and like-minded candidates who want to bring true leadership
back to Washington and who believe in permanent and enduring American Exceptionalism.
Leadership that does not apologize and bow to the world for America’s greatness or politicize
military operations for political gain. SOFA stands against the core threats to National Security
created and unchecked by the Obama administration. SOFA will strike to ensure that veterans
and our families receive the care and benefits their sacrifice has earned. (more…)