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Republican National Committee

Democrats Call Themselves The “The Pushover Party”

Convention Chaos As Democrats Alter Platform To Include God And Jerusalem

The Huffington Post Labeled The Democrats “The Pushover Party” For Changing Their Platform To Include “God” And “Jerusalem.” (The Huffington Post, 9/5/12)


“Obama: Why Was ‘God’ Taken Out Of Platform In The First Place?” (Alana Semuels and Christi Parsons, “Obama: Why Was ‘God’ Taken Out Of Platform In The First Place?” Los Angeles Times, 9/5/12) (more…)

Republican National Committee

Anybody Got A Fresh Idea?

Team Obama’s Reelect Strategy Revolves Around An Unrelenting Negative Campaign

“Though The Obamans Certainly Hit John McCain Hard Four Years Ago-Running More Negative Ads Than Any Campaign In History-What They Intend To Do To Romney Is More Savage.” (John Heilemann, “Hope: The Sequel,” New York Magazine, 5/27/12)

  • Obama Relies On “Going Negative,” Which Is “Very Different From The Formula” He Used In 2008. “Obama and his advisers fell back on the timeless method that has essentially become the default option for presidential reelection campaigns, despite his promises to change the process. They prefer to talk euphemistically about ‘drawing the contrast,’ but everyone else calls it going negative. This was something very different from the formula that elected the country’s first African-American president, but it would have to do.” (Glenn Thrush, Obama’s Last Stand, 2012)


Republican National Committee

Dysfunctional National Committee

  • The DNC Is Plagued By Money Troubles And Obama’s Worst Surrogate

In July, The DNC Raised About $10 Million, While Spending $32 Million, Leaving It With Just $15.4 Million Cash On Hand. “Early reports showed the Democratic National Committee spent about $14 million in coordinated advertising with Obama. That’s as the DNC raised roughly $10 million in July while also spending $32 million, leaving the party with about $15.4 million in the bank by month’s end.” (Jack Gillum, “Obama, DNC Spending Exceeded Donations In July,” The Associated Press, 8/20/12) (more…)

Republican National Committee

Team Obama Spends Sunday On Defense

Fox’s Chris Wallace: “That is the argument that the Obama campaign makes – that the $716 billion is all in cuts to providers and insurance companies and it will have no effect on benefits or services to the beneficiaries. Let me ask my question. Medicare’s own actuary, own actuary of Medicare – not of the Romney campaign – says that is impossible. That you can’t have the same services for $716 billion less. And let’s put up some of what the Medicare actuary says. They say that 15 percent of Medicare providers will be unprofitable by 2019. 25 percent of Medicare providers will be unprofitable by 2030. (more…)

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus today announced six headliners addressing the Republican National Convention August 27-30. The speakers are: 
  • U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte, United States Senator from New Hampshire and former New Hampshire Attorney General.
  • Former Democratic National Convention Speaker Artur Davis, former Alabama congressman from the 7th District (2003-2011) who was the first member of Congress not from Illinois to endorse President Obama in 2008. Davis, then a Democrat, seconded the official nomination of Obama at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. He recently announced he is joining the Republican Party and supporting Mitt Romney. 
  • Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, 55th Governor of Louisiana, winning election in 2007 and winning reelection in all of the state’s 64 parishes in 2011; former U.S. Congressman; led the state’s response to the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf in 2010.  (more…)

Mitt Romney Campaign:

Latest Video: These Hands

The Context Is Clear: Government Didn’t Build Our Businesses

“President Obama could not have been more clear when he told small business owners that they shouldn’t take credit for building their businesses. Now editorial boards around the country have weighed in, and they couldn’t be more clear, either – President Obama’s comments ‘demeaned’ and insulted hard-working Americans.”


From the RNC:

WASHINGTON – The Republican National Committee releases new web ad “The Busiest President” highlighting the hardest working man in Washington. President Obama’s own jobs council has not met in over 6 months and the White House says it’s because he had too much on his plate. As jobs continue to be the number one issue for voters, what was on Obama’s plate that was more important than the 23 million Americans struggling under our economy? Ten golf outings and 106 campaign fundraisers. (more…)