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From the California State Senate Republican Caucus:

Another California Business Leaves Our State – 700 Families Will Be Impacted

SACRAMENTO, CA – Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff (R-Diamond Bar) issued the following statement regarding the announcement that Campbell’s Soup will be moving its operations to North Carolina, Ohio, and Texas to reduce costs, putting 700 individuals on the unemployment line:

“No one should be surprised that Campbell’s Soup has decided to move their operations out of California. In the past few years, numerous other companies have done the same. Our communities need broad-based reforms, and Californians deserve more than promises and empty talk about helping our struggling families find work. (more…)

From the National Republican Congressional Committee:

Democrat Party Rallies Behind Mantra that ‘Government is the Only Thing We Belong To’

WASHINGTON — The Democrats’ convention began with a video doubling down on their party’s commitment to massive government spending sprees and job-destroying government regulations. After Jerry McNerney championed President Obama’s crippling big-government policies on the backs of taxpayers, California job creators know they aren’t better off under their agenda. (more…)

Republican National Committee

Anybody Got A Fresh Idea?

Team Obama’s Reelect Strategy Revolves Around An Unrelenting Negative Campaign

“Though The Obamans Certainly Hit John McCain Hard Four Years Ago-Running More Negative Ads Than Any Campaign In History-What They Intend To Do To Romney Is More Savage.” (John Heilemann, “Hope: The Sequel,” New York Magazine, 5/27/12)

  • Obama Relies On “Going Negative,” Which Is “Very Different From The Formula” He Used In 2008. “Obama and his advisers fell back on the timeless method that has essentially become the default option for presidential reelection campaigns, despite his promises to change the process. They prefer to talk euphemistically about ‘drawing the contrast,’ but everyone else calls it going negative. This was something very different from the formula that elected the country’s first African-American president, but it would have to do.” (Glenn Thrush, Obama’s Last Stand, 2012)



Obamanomics Isn’t Working For The 23 Million Americans Struggling To Find Jobs, Pay Bills And Put Food On The Table

Obama: “We Tried Our Plan – And It Worked. That’s The Difference. That’s The Choice In This Election. That’s Why I’m Running For A Second Term.” (President Barack Obama, Remarks By The President At A Campaign Event, Oakland, CA, 7/24/12)


CBS News’ Scott Pelley: “This Is The Worst Economic Recovery America Has Ever Had.” PELLEY: “This is worst economic recovery America has ever had. We’ve been looking for hopeful signs, but today the chairman of the Federal Reserve threw a cold splash of reality on those hopes. Ben Bernanke said any improvement in unemployment will ‘likely be frustratingly slow.’ Well, yes, to say the least.” ( CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley , 7/17/12)

  • The Columbus Dispatch: “Obama Has Delivered The Weakest Recovery Since The Great Depression.” “The best thing government can do is create an environment conducive to private-sector job creation. In the jurisdiction over which he presides – the nation – Obama has delivered the weakest recovery since the Great Depression.” (Editorial, “Ohio’s Recovery,” The Columbus Dispatch, 7/22/12) (more…)

New Video: These Aren’t Gaffes


WASHINGTON – The Republican National Committee releases “These Aren’t Gaffes” to demonstrate President Obama’s lack of commitment and understanding of the poor economic conditions. Just last week, it was revealed that President Obama’s Jobs Council has not met in 6 months, yet he found enough time for 111 fundraisers and 10 golf outings. This is on top of his latest comment that job creators didn’t build their business– “somebody else made that happen.” The more these happen, the more obvious it becomes that these aren’t gaffes, this is what President Obama believes. (more…)

Mitt Romney Campaign:

Latest Video: These Hands

The Context Is Clear: Government Didn’t Build Our Businesses

“President Obama could not have been more clear when he told small business owners that they shouldn’t take credit for building their businesses. Now editorial boards around the country have weighed in, and they couldn’t be more clear, either – President Obama’s comments ‘demeaned’ and insulted hard-working Americans.”


From Speaker of the House, John Boehner:

Democrats have been “put in [a] tight spot” by their threats to tank our economy and harm our national security if they don’t get a small business tax hike. A new Ernst & Young study found President Obama’s plan threatens more than 700,000 American jobs – a frightening prospect for families after more than three years of failed ‘stimulus’ spending, excessive regulations, and unemployment above 8 percent. (more…)