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Sen. Graham: White House Leaks Were ‘Orchestrated’ for Political Gain: read more–>>

Romney slams Obama on eve of foreign trip:

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Romney camp asks Va. to probe voter forms:

Senate succeeds at something: Futility:


New Video: These Aren’t Gaffes


WASHINGTON – The Republican National Committee releases “These Aren’t Gaffes” to demonstrate President Obama’s lack of commitment and understanding of the poor economic conditions. Just last week, it was revealed that President Obama’s Jobs Council has not met in 6 months, yet he found enough time for 111 fundraisers and 10 golf outings. This is on top of his latest comment that job creators didn’t build their business– “somebody else made that happen.” The more these happen, the more obvious it becomes that these aren’t gaffes, this is what President Obama believes. (more…)


Romney says security leaks ‘political,’ calls for probe into ‘contemptible’ conduct: read more–>>

Solyndra figures attend swank Obama fundraiser:

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How super PACs are saving Mitt Romney:


From the RNC:

WASHINGTON – The Republican National Committee releases new web ad “The Busiest President” highlighting the hardest working man in Washington. President Obama’s own jobs council has not met in over 6 months and the White House says it’s because he had too much on his plate. As jobs continue to be the number one issue for voters, what was on Obama’s plate that was more important than the 23 million Americans struggling under our economy? Ten golf outings and 106 campaign fundraisers. (more…)

Elizabeth Emken sent the following message to supporters regarding the Supreme Court’s ruling on Obamacare which read in part:

The Supreme Court has upheld Obamacare, making it crystal clear that the only way to ensure that Americans repeal this dishonest attempt at health care reform is to take back the White House and the U.S. Senate this November.

This decision raises the stakes this November. Now more than ever before there is a simple choice: do Californians want more taxes upon the taxes they are already burdened with for a law that makes no sense at all?

Democrats like Dianne Feinstein lied about the cost of Obamacare, then stole from Medicare to justify the initial price tag. Now they are attempting to steal from core institutional programs at the Centers for Disease Control that support programs for the disabled to cover up the ballooning cost. That’s not just shady politics, it’s just plain wrong. And now the Supreme Court ruling has brought Obamacare’s hidden taxes to the light of day. We must stop Feinstein immediately.

Unfortunately, Obamacare will continue to have a negative impact on job creation and hiring, and businesses will be forced to continue to grapple with all of the uncertainty and costs the law creates. The simple truth is that businesses across the nation are not hiring as a result of this administration’s mismanagement of health care reform.

Only with new leadership in Washington can we expand access and lower costs through competition and choice while keeping in mind our responsibility to care for the truly vulnerable without raising taxes or increasing debt. I will vote to repeal the Obamacare tax dragging down our economy and hurting families. Dianne Feinstein won’t. It’s a simple choice.

From the National Republican Congressional Committee:

Democrats Have Taken Millions in Donations from Groups that Want to Kill Natural Gas Jobs 

  • A new report indicates that fracking, a drilling technique used to access natural gas and oil, supports millions of American jobs.
  • Instead of rallying around this economic opportunity, Democrats are taking millions in contributions from groups that have pledged to put natural gas job creators out of business.
  • Sadly this is just the latest front in Democrats’ war on energy that has already targeted coal and oil production.

A new report indicates that fracking, a drilling technique used to access natural gas and oil, supports millions of American jobs: (more…)

Senator Chuck Grassley made the following comment about the President’s action today claiming executive privilege in response to congressional oversight of the government’s Fast and Furious gun-walking program.  The congressional investigation began with Senator Grassley’s inquiry into whistleblower allegations that the government had allowed the transfer of illegally purchased weapons found at the scene of the murder of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.  The Department of Justice denied the allegations to Senator Grassley for 10 months before being forced to withdraw its denial in face of evidence to the contrary.

Grassley comment:

“The assertion of executive privilege raises monumental questions.  How can the President assert executive privilege if there was no White House involvement?  How can the President exert executive privilege over documents he’s supposedly never seen?  Is something very big being hidden to go to this extreme?  The contempt citation is an important procedural mechanism in our system of checks and balances.  The questions from Congress go to determining what happened in a disastrous government program for accountability and so that it’s never repeated again.”